# Nibiru Chain

Nibiru is a breakthrough smart contract platform providing superior throughput, reduced latency, and improved security, all driven by Web Assembly (Wasm) smart contracts.

# Kickstart

# Nibiru Ecosystem

# Dev Tools & SDKs

Explore a more comprehensive set of projects building on Nibiru in our Ecosystem Directory (opens new window).

  • Nibi-Perps: A perpetual futures exchange where users can take leveraged exposure and trade on a plethora of assets — completely on-chain, completely non-custodially, and with minimal gas fees.

  • Coded Estate (opens new window): Coded Estate is about bringing homes on chain, rentals on chain, and democratizing access into the real estate system. Coded Estate is reimagining ownership, decentralized allowing ownership for any and everybody.

  • Nibi-Swap: Nibi-Swap is an automated market maker protocol for multichain assets. This application gives users access to swaps, pools, and bonded liquidity gauges.

  • Nibi-Oracles: Nibiru accurately prices assets using a native, system of decentralized oracles. Both external APIs and smart contracts can tap into the Oracle Module for secure, low-latency feeds.

  • NUSD Stablecoin: Nibiru powers a two-token economic model, where NIBI is the staking and utility token for the blockchain and NUSD serves as a fully-collateralized stablecoin interface for bridging or ramping fiat to and from the chain.

# Nibiru Chain 2024 Roadmap

Future Roadmap | Nibiru Chain

# More on Nibiru

Nibiru acts as a permission-less platform for developers to deploy secure, production-grade smart contracts in Rust.

# Community

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