# Nibiru Chain

Nibiru is a breakthrough smart contract platform providing superior throughput, reduced latency, and improved security, all driven by Web Assembly (Wasm) smart contracts.

# Nibiru Ecosystem

# Native dApps

  • Nibi-Perps: A perpetual futures exchange where users can take leveraged exposure and trade on a plethora of assets — completely on-chain, completely non-custodially, and with minimal gas fees.

  • Nibi-Swap: Nibi-Swap is an automated market maker protocol for multichain assets. This application gives users access to swaps, pools, and bonded liquidity gauges.

  • Nibiru Oracles: Nibiru accurately prices assets using a native, system of decentralized oracles. Both external APIs and smart contracts can tap into the Oracle Module for secure, low-latency feeds.

  • NUSD Stablecoin: Nibiru powers a two-token economic model, where NIBI is the staking and utility token for the blockchain and NUSD serves as a fully-collateralized stablecoin interface for bridging or ramping fiat to and from the chain.

Nibiru acts as a permission-less platform for developers to deploy secure, production-grade smart contracts in Rust.

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