# Nibiru Wallets

Wallets are secure, digital apps that allow you to control an on-chain Nibiru account, akin to a virtual wallet. Wallets enable you to sign into decentralized applications, view balances, and broadcast transactions.

# Table of Contents

# Wallet Setup Guides

# Choosing a Wallet

Wallet IBC/EVM Ledger Support Browser Extension Mobile Wallet Web App
Leap (Recommended) IBC Yes Chrome, Edge, Brave, Decentr Apple iOS, Android cosmos.leapwallet.io (opens new window)
Keplr IBC Yes Chrome, Firefox, Edge Apple iOS, Android wallet.keplr.app (opens new window)
Fox IBC Yes Chrome Apple iOS, Android foxwallet.com (opens new window)

Make sure to update the Keplr wallet to V2 if you're using the mobile app.