# Create a Nibiru Wallet Address

If you're looking to obtain a Nibiru Chain address, you're in the right place.

There are a few steps you'll need to complete to get a Nibiru wallet address.

  1. Install a wallet extension or application.
  2. Create an account or recover an existing one using a mnemonic phrase.
  3. Connect to your desired instance of Nibiru Chain. For example, mainnet, permanent testnet, etc.
  4. Copy your Nibiru address.

# 1 & 2 | Wallet Installation and Account Creation

Follow these tutorials to set up Leap wallet or Keplr if you have not already:

# 3 | (Mobile) Copy your Nibiru Address

Our recommended wallet for Nibiru Chain is Leap Wallet. After installing the mobile app on Android or iOS and creating an account, you can continue on to complete the following steps.

Note that if you instead use Keplr, you'll need to upgrade to Keplr V2.

Q: Is there a difference between the address for mainnet and testnet?
A: No, the address is the same for both networks. While the address itself may be the same, transactions and accounts on testnet and mainnet are separate. Transactions intended for one network do not affect the other.

# 3 | (Desktop) Connect to Nibiru Chain

Open Nibiru's Web App (app.nibiru.fi) (opens new window) and connect your wallet.

# 4 | (Desktop) Copy your Nibiru Address

You can copy your address from a wallet browser extension or from this button on the top-right: