# 💧 Nibi-Swap

Nibi-Swap — Nibiru's Spot DEX. Swap, LP, and earn boosted rewards for longer liquidity locks.

Separate from Nibiru’s perps product, Nibiru includes an automated liquidity protocol (AMM) for spot trading called Nibi-Swap.

Nibi-Swap is autonomous, permissionless, and secure. It enables integrations with other dapps without the need for trusted intermediaries.

Nibi-Swap V1 has an architecture that supports two pool types:

  1. Stableswap Pools: Well-suited to facilitate capital efficient trades between tokens with a 1:1 target exchange rate. As the reserves of a stableswap pool become more imbalanced, the pool behaves more like a constant product pool.
  2. Constant Product Pools: This model provides liquidity for all possible prices of a token and all market movements. Well-suited to primary crypto markets, where users want to trade speculatively.

You can swap tokens or provide liquidity at app.nibiru.fi (opens new window).